12-15 games announced at The Game Awards 2020

12-15 games announced at The Game Awards 2020

The Game Awards 2020 host and organizer Jeff Keely held a Q&A session on Reddit and shared what players can expect from the upcoming exhibition. It starts on December 10.

The most important:

  • During the main show, 12 to 15 games are announced. These will be both AAA titles and small games from small studios.
  • No future announcements have been leaked yet, so the show will come as a surprise
  • There will be at least five announcements at the half-hour pre-show. One of them – It Takes Two by Yosef Fares
  • The show will take place at three venues: Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. There will be both live guests and broadcasts via Zoom. The guest list is growing and includes not only figures from the gaming industry, but also Hollywood stars. One very cool member has not yet been announced
  • The show will last about two and a half hours

Jeff also wrote that organizing this year’s exhibition was the most difficult for him that he has done before. This is due to the coronavirus and the scale. He began planning the show back in January, and the time was chosen in advance to cover all time zones in Europe.

TGA 2020 is rumored to feature a remake of Silent Hill and something loud from Microsoft’s internal studios. BioWare will show Dragon Age 4, but nothing has been heard about the Elder Ring yet.

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