The original EverQuest is more profitable than the second part

The original EverQuest is more profitable than the second part

On December 1, it became known that the Swedish Enad Global 7 acquired Daybreak Game Company for $ 300 million. Later, the creative cooperative published a report for investors, from which statistics and income from games for the first three quarters of 2020 became known.

The best results were shown by EverQuest – the first part is still very popular in comparison with the sequel. The game also surpassed the more modern Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online in terms of the number of active players and subscribers.

  • EverQuest generated $ 11.5 million in revenue. During this time, EverQuest 2 earned $ 6.5 million
  • EverQuest has 66 thousand subscribers and 82 thousand active players per month. EverQuest 2 has these numbers – 21 thousand and 20 thousand, respectively

EverQuest is over 20 years old, during this time 26 major add-ons have been released to the game, and tomorrow the 27th – Claws of Veeshan will be released. The minimum cost of the DLC is $ 35, the maximum version is $ 250 .

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