One of STALKER scriptwriters Sergey Ivanov dies

One of STALKER scriptwriters Sergey Ivanov dies

Writer Sergei Ivanov died on November 25 from coronavirus, but information about this appeared on the network only recently. Almost three weeks before his death, he turned 66 years old. During his lifetime Sergey was a science fiction writer and was one of the screenwriters of “STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl”.

It is known that the man joined GSC Game World in 2002 as a screenwriter and finished his work in 2004. According to the head of the studio, Andrey Prokhorov, a small part of the ideas suggested by the screenwriter was used in the final version of the game.

Good guy. Professional writer. A couple of his script ideas were implemented. The script for the book and the game, as it turned out (we were all new back then), are two VERY BIG DIFFERENCES.

However, after leaving the studio, Ivanov no longer worked in the gaming industry and did not cooperate with gaming companies.

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