On Bethesda’s Twitter, You Can Play The Elder Scrolls Text Quest

On Bethesda's Twitter, You Can Play The Elder Scrolls Text Quest

Bethesda’s Australian-New Zealand Twitter invites users to play the text version of The Elder Scrolls. The quest itself is a “choose your own” game in which players need to choose their own paths for further development of the plot.

For example, it may be an option to start a battle with a dragon, or retreat and hide. This has been done in games from Telltale Games.

However, the game will not just happen: the studio has prepared prizes for the winners. The company will select the top 20 stories and award their creators with various digital awards for the Elder Scrolls Online. Alas, only Australian New Zealand residents are eligible to participate in the draw.

Bethesda has already set the direction for starting the game:

 Before you is Markarth, Stone Town, with its bustling streets dotted with picturesque waterfalls. You are looking for an adventure that is always there within the Limits. You accidentally hear the words “Heather Rock Ruins” and “Danger” in the next conversation.

Excellent! It’s time to get out.

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