Gangs robbed trucks with PlayStation 5 and other vehicles like in Fast and the Furious

Gangs robbed trucks with PlayStation 5 and other vehicles like in Fast and the Furious

The Times reported on the activities of a new gang that steals trucks full of various things. For example, in the last sortie, the group managed to rob a transport with a PlayStaion 5, several TVs, a couple of dozen mobile phones and other small household appliances.

This is not the first time. Similar robberies occurred during the launch of PS5 sales in several areas of the UK. According to the newspaper, 27 such cases were recorded before September, and in the fall their number increased sharply.

The Times shared the sequence of the gang’s actions, and it looks like a scene from “Fast and the Furious”. The robbers used several cars to drive at the same speed as the truck. This is about 80 km / h. One of the members of the group gets out and hedges himself with a rope, and then jumps over to a moving vehicle. Criminals use cutting tools or crowbars to get into the truck. As a result, all the contents are transferred to the cars and the gang disappears.

Among other things, the publication managed to communicate with one of the professional criminals. According to him, it is now important for groups to keep track of what is in short supply or is selling well. Most of the gangs prey on expensive items and goods from technology companies.

Sony’s new console is now in short supply around the world. Most likely, PS5 will be available for sale in early 2021.

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