CDPR translated Cyberpunk 2077 license agreement into “normal human language”

CDPR translated Cyberpunk 2077 license agreement into normal human language

CD Projekt RED once again stood out ahead of the release of Cyberpunk 2077 by adapting the game’s End User License Agreement into “normal human language.” The allegedly abbreviated and understandable text was composed by a native of Night City.

Several quotes, the full text is published on the game’s website:

  • Usually we are talking about 18+, but if you live somewhere where you need 17+, and you are only 17, call your mom and dad, let them look after you. What you laugh is written, I would not have come up with such a thing!
  • The company says bluntly – if Cyberpunk 2077 does not work as you want, they don’t owe you anything, and in general they don’t give you any promises with legal force in this area. However, if you * really * screw up and seriously violate this Agreement, you will be obliged to “compensate them for their losses.” In simple words: if you offend them, you pay money.
  • Do you want to terminate the Agreement with the ends? No question, just stop playing Cyberpunk 2077. I’ll tell you from myself: not every corporation lets go for nothing, so it’s an excellent option, believe my experience.
  • If you screw up and seriously violate this Agreement, you can say goodbye to your access to Cyberpunk 2077 (temporarily or permanently).
  • Legally, any questions, complaints or claims you have regarding this Agreement are governed by Polish law. This applies to everyone on the planet, unless you live in the United States of America. If you are there, the laws of California apply to you. It’s great to be special.
  • Taking into account where you live, you and the company agree not to initiate a class action or any other class action against each other, where you are at the same time with other chumbami. Legal issues will be resolved according to the system indicated in the text on the left.

Some of the phrases turned out to be funny, but the main thing is that CD Projekt RED was not afraid to highlight even the most unpleasant, but important limitations.

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