What are the rules of the popular “drunken game” in Among Us? If one of your friends says this, you have to drink

What are the rules of the popular drunken game in Among Us If one of your friends says this, you have to drink

Among Us brings people together in an increasingly strange way. This time it’s about some additional game.

Among Us, it’s probably got through everywhere. The only thing that is missing is that the game gets its own version of Monopoly, but it’s not such a distant vision either. After all, Fortnite somehow managed to do it, as did several other popular productions like Overwatch.

Contrary to the opinions, there is not only a young community, it is also often played by adults, for whom a special edition of the “drunken game” was created.

How is it played, what are the rules?

A Reddit user with the nickname “sadiesvinyl” has created a list of events that players need to drink at. You can also play a much lighter version, treating it more like bingo.

How is it played, what are the rules

The second version seems to be much more prudent, because virtually all situations happen every day, in most games. Especially the option with zeroing is very risky. Because every day there are such situations as:

  • Calling an unnecessary meeting
  • Someone asks if he can take your color
  • Someone votes for you, but you’re a Crewmat

You can treat it as a template and simply mark off the next items on the right side. At least that’s what most people do, given the comments under the original post.

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