Master Chief voice actor reveals Halo Infinite may come out in early 2021

Master Chief voice actor reveals Halo Infinite may come out in early 2021

The developers of Halo Infinite have not yet announced a release date or approximate timeline for the game after its postponement. But the actor Bruce Thomas, who voices the Master Chief in the Halo series from the fourth part, believes that he knows the approximate release date.

I believe we have completed work on Halo Infinite. Unless we’re going to add something else. But as far as I know, the game is already ready for release in the spring.

If the shooting of motion capture is completed, then the script will no longer be edited. That is, the developers are only working on fixing technical problems that players complained about after showing the gameplay. 

Of course, the actor’s words cannot be considered official confirmation. But, considering that the game was originally supposed to be released in November, and the transfer took place three months before the release, then the chances of a release in the spring are quite high.

The Game Awards will be held on December 11 at 03:00 Moscow time. But a 343 Industries spokesperson has already announced that Halo Infinite will not be there. The game should be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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