Insider: don’t expect games like Naughty Dog or Santa Monica from Microsoft The Initiative

Insider don't expect games like Naughty Dog or Santa Monica from Microsoft The Initiative

In 2018, Microsoft founded The Initiative studio. According to Jeff Grubb, this will be a third-person stealth action game set in the Perfect Dark universe.

After opening, The Initiative began recruiting from major studios like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio and Rockstar. In addition, the studio employees indicated in their profiles that they are working on an AAAA game. The internet quickly speculated that the company was working on a blockbuster at the level of the listed studios. According to Windows Central insider Jez Corden, that’s not the case.

When The Initiative first went online, there was a rumor that they were working on an AAAA game because of the description of their LinkedIn profiles. This has already caused a sharp rise in expectations among players. But from what I hear, Microsoft wants the studio to be smaller and more agile. A studio that doesn’t necessarily make a “God of War killer”. 

I think they will experiment more. I don’t think the studio will be working on big cinematic games in the open world or that the studio will be the silver bullet and the answer to God of War, Naughty Dog or whatever.

I am not saying that they will make bad games. Based on what I’ve heard, this studio looks more like Remedy than Naughty Dog.

Cordena said the studio’s first game also uses the terms “Seasonal” and “Seasonal content”. He doesn’t know if this means that in the game, for example, something new, like Apex Legends, will happen every 3 months. But it is unlikely that this will be a game divided into episodes.

Initially, the announcement of the game could have taken place back in 2020. We still have The Game Awards, which will take place on December, but there is no reliable information yet whether the announcement will take place there.

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