Cyberpunk 2077: Double GTA 5 Map & New Game + Mode

Cyberpunk 2077 Double GTA 5 Map & New Game + Mode
Cyberpunk 2077 threw two interesting news at once.

To begin with, the blogger EdgeRunner Cold, it seems to him, was able to estimate the size of the map of this game, saying that in general it should be twice as large as the GTA 5 map. coordinates were shown on one part of the screen. Using them, he, by points in different parts of the city, was able to roughly estimate its area, which, as already mentioned, will be much larger, perhaps even twice, than the area of ​​the entire GTA 5. This is not a record, of course, and in that Just Cause 4, the scale of the world is much more impressive, but, nevertheless, it is still a serious application.

The second piece of news is already official. CD Projekt RED reported that, in addition to different performance modes on consoles, they are also preparing a New Game + mode, in which, as in the third Witcher, players will be able to start the campaign anew, in the equipment left after the final, but with greatly increased indicators of enemies. However, this mode will not be available on release, and it will have to wait. Well, at least not cut out, and that’s okay.

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