Cinematic Trailer for PUBG Season 10

Cinematic Trailer for PUBG Season 10

A new PUBG cinematic teaser trailer has arrived for the release of Battle Royale Season 10, introducing the night map. Last week, it was announced on the official Twitter that the Paramo map would be leaving the game after Season 9, despite the fact that many players liked the dynamic map, where something new happened every match.

The cinematic for the 10th season is short – no more than 30 seconds, so there is a minimum of detail in it. Tall building, spotlights, armored car and foggy streets. The map clearly shows a fairly large city. The trailer ends with a new slogan: Hide, Seek, Survive. It starts on December 16 on PC and a day later on consoles.

Despite Fortnite, Apex and a host of other battle royals, PUBG is still one of the most popular shooters in this subgenre, receiving regular content updates, including for the mobile version.

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