Breath of the wild chinese zodiac characters

Breath of the wild chinese zodiac characters

Breath of the Wild has many great characters. See which one is closest to you.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has much better characters than previous installments in the series. There are many interesting personalities in it – from legendary heroes of the past to humble merchants roaming the ruined Hyrule.

Many of these images have something in common with the signs of the Chinese calendar. Warriors, champions, rulers have special traits characteristic of one or another animal born in a year. Take a look at this list and find out which of them you have the most in common.

Rat – Urbose

Rat - Urbose

Now the year of the Rat is coming to an end, and it is her that Urboza, the leader of the Gerudo people, resembles. Those born under the sign of the Rat are said to be smart and quick-witted, and also have a great sense of humor.

Urboza revels in the challenge and has incredible insight. And her maternal influence, sharp mind and ability to subdue lightning make her the most similar character to the Rat.

Ox – Zelda

Ox - Zelda

The bull is a symbol of hard work, and few in Breath of the Wild are more diligent than Zelda herself. Throughout her flashbacks, we see her tirelessly trying to unlock her seal power. And by the time the events of the game began, she had been holding back Calamity Ganon for a hundred years.

Possessors of the Ox sign are true introverts, Zelda can also be described as a loner. Despite leading champions, she has trouble communicating with others. The heroine often feels isolated due to the inability to access her power.

Tiger – Daruk

Tiger - Daruk

The Tiger sign is usually associated with energetic people. They are full of courage and courage, ready for anything and have a sense of their own dignity.

This description is perfect for Daruk, the Goron champion, as his confidence and courage have been observed throughout history. Daruk is naturally strong and without fear meets difficulties on his way. His cordiality and friendly attitude makes him a typical Tiger who goes out of his way to help his friends and allies.

Rabbit – Myth

Rabbit - Myth

The rabbit will not defiantly look enemies in the eye, like the Tiger. His destiny is to serve his family and friends. Myth fits this role, as she is completely dedicated to helping dear people, be it a member of her people Zora or Link, whom she secretly loved.

Rabbits are compassionate and sincere, and helping others means more to them than using force. Her ability, Grace of Myth, is the embodiment of this ideal as she protects and heals her wearer. Caring nature and generosity Myths make her the perfect Rabbit, on whose support you can always count.

Dragon – Sidon

Dragon - Sidon

The dragon has a special place in the Chinese calendar. So the only character in Breath of the Wild to match this sign is Prince Sidon of the Zora people.

Energetic and friendly Sidon is a born leader (not only because of his noble background). He takes charge of the Va Ruta situation and helps save not only Zor, but all of Hyrule. His charisma and intransigence make him a real Dragon.

Snake – Riju

Snake - Riju

Riju is another heroine from the Gerudo people. The young ruler is like the Snake not only in her insecurity and isolation, but also in her mind.

Leading an entire nation is not an easy task, especially for a young person like Riju. She tries her best to be responsible, although at times she is vulnerable. However, she has proven that she can withstand. Indeed, like many Snakes, Riju has a little poison in store.

Horse – Beadle

Horse - Beadle

Those born under the sign of the Horse love travel, sometimes they can even go wherever they look. The wandering merchant Beadle is constantly on the road, in the game he can be found in any stable.

Horses also handle their money with care, an essential skill for a trader in ruined Hyrule. Plus, they can be very impatient and a little annoying. Anyone who has brought a beetle to Beadle knows how he fixates on an insect, not wanting to talk about anything else.

Goat – Teba

Goat - Teba

Goats are true loners who enjoy being alone with their thoughts. They don’t need constant attention to feel happy. The Rito bird-man teba fits well with this character, as he was going to fight Wa-Medo alone.

Teba also tries to hide his concern about meeting the Beast, although he welcomes Link’s help in fighting him. And although the Goats remain introverted, they still receive a lot of support from their family, as we can see after the release of Va Medo.

Monkey – Hestu

Monkey - Hestu

Monkeys just want to have fun! They are full of boundless energy and love for life, although sometimes this can get them into trouble, as they are often unable to foresee the consequences of their actions. Korok Hestu is such a character, as he cares more about his maracas than anything else.

Hestu’s love for music and dance makes him a real Monkey. He is free in spirit, therefore he values ​​a good pastime above all else.

Rooster – Roaring

Rooster - Roaring

Archer Revali is neat and precise, and at times arrogant, but such a legendary archer can be forgiven. This behavior is inherent in typical Roosters. Like Teba, Revali belongs to the Rito people.

Roosters can be called perfectionists, seeing through everything and everyone. They were demanding both to themselves and to others. However, he can also rely on others, even if he does not immediately admit that he needs help.

Dog – Link

Dog - Link

Who, other than Link himself, could be in this place? Faithful Link defended Hyrule not only in Breath of the Wild, but also in many other games in various reincarnations.

Dogs born in the year are both honest and fiercely devoted to their work, which is very similar to Link. He would never abandon his friends and allies. Although Link may not always be able to win a battle, he has no intention of surrendering.

Pig – Yunobo

Pig - Yunobo

Finally, we come to the Pig, which completes the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. Representatives of this sign are distinguished by their extraordinary politeness and good nature, the same qualities are possessed by Yunobo, a descendant of Daruk. Sometimes he is a little scared, but this does not prevent him from helping Link enter Va-Rudania.

Pigs can be good companions and will always protect their friends. Likewise, Yunobo helped Link attack the Beast to save the Goron City. He may not be the bravest representative of his people in the game, but he is an excellent helper and the perfect embodiment of the Pig sign

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