twitch removed the word “Blind Walkthrough”

twitch removed the word Blind Walkthrough

Some users and activists found the tag “offensive” in relation to blind people.

Twitch’s director of communications, Erin Wayne, posted this on Twitter.

I’m pleased to see that Twitch has listened to the feedback and removed the Blind Walkthrough tag to encourage a more inclusive language for our community. You can still use the First Pass tag or use it in combination with the No Spoilers tag.

Back in June 2020, COO AbleGamers and Twitch partner Stephen Spon was one of the critics of the careless use of words that discriminate against and insult disability.

Great question. “Blind Walkthrough” or “Go Blind” can be replaced with either “Walkthrough without spoilers”, or “Unrevealed”, or “First” (if this is your first playthrough). Blind walkthrough is a walkthrough with the monitor turned off, and most don’t mean it.

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