This is a win for BioWare – Cullen’s Dragon Age voice actor spoke negatively about Mark Darrah’s departure

This is a win for BioWare - Cullen's Dragon Age voice actor spoke negatively about Mark Darrah's departure

On December 4, it became known that BioWare has left two leading developers: Casey Hudson and Mark Darra, the executive producer of the Dragon Age series.

After that, British actor Greg Ellis, who played Cullen in Dragon Age and Lieutenant Theodore Groves in Pirates of the Caribbean, spoke sharply against Mark Darrah after the news of his departure from the studio.

He tweeted the following:

This will be a relief for many. I’ve worked with you for over a decade as the voice of Cullen (and Anders) and have never met an equally unreliable and two-faced corporate cheat. Your forced “retirement” is a victory for BioWare, its employees, and especially its fans.

This is important and exciting news for BioWare’s dedicated Dragon Age fans. It is also a big defeat for all the Darr of this world, who hide behind the corporate veil, supporting the hypocrites who slander their own workers.

Then piss off.

This is a win for BioWare - Cullen's Dragon Age voice actor spoke negatively about Mark Darrah's departure

After a while, Darra replied to a former colleague:

Well hello Greg … I’ve been letting you down for a long time, but I think Dragon Age is a good reason to end it.

In what universe do you think this behavior towards me or the fan community will help you get a job in the Dragon Age series?

I’m not sure if you’re doing this to get the attention of some other group of people. But I can say for sure: you will not be treated better in a company that takes care of its public face.

Previously, the actor regularly expressed his opinion on current political and social topics. For example, he was behind the All Live Matter movement, which created Black Lives Matter for criticism, and openly supported Johnny Depp during his trial with The Sun. 

Some fans have asked the game’s developers to end their employment relationship with the actor. To which Mark Darrah replied that he did not know if Ellis would voice Cullen in the new part of Dragon Age. 

Apparently, the conflict between the developer and the actor began back then.

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