Impostor wins more often – the makers of Among Us share data

Impostor wins more often - the makers of Among Us share data

Among Us seems to be really well-balanced in terms of winning odds.

Even though Among Us is unlikely to ever be a competitive game, InnerSloth has to keep the balance. For now, it is relatively easy, as there are only two roles in the game. There has been talk of possible additional roles for several months, but so far it has not been decided to introduce them.

Meanwhile, the developers on their official Twitter shared information with players about who wins more matches, Impostors or Crewmaci. The results may be surprising.

Who wins more in Among Us?

These are official data straight from the developers, so there is no mistake here. According to statistics, it is the Impostors who manage to finish more games with victories. They win 57% of all games.

It is interesting because, according to most people, Impostors have a very difficult task and even need additional buffs. Meanwhile, InnerSloth proves the opposite is true. It is difficult to say whether the statistics come only from public lobbies, but it is very possible that they do.

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