Terraforming Mars in the release trailer of the planetary simulator Per Aspera

Terraforming Mars in the release trailer of the planetary simulator Per Aspera

Raw Fury and Tlön Industries have released a trailer for the planetary simulator Per Aspera . The video shows the main elements of the game and the plot of the plot: the arrangement of civilization on the Red Planet, terraforming and the war with those who are against it.

To terraform Mars and make it “alive” again, you will need to build whole chains of buildings, extract resources, correctly plan development, build relationships with settlers and understand who is hindering the development of the planet.


Per Aspera  features an action-packed storyline that challenges the player to make tough decisions that will affect the planet. Take a look at the world through the eyes of a young artificial intelligence who knows himself for the first time, on which the future of the entire human race depends. Adapt your constantly self-learning algorithms to situations that require difficult ethical choices, and build relationships with the colonists whose lives are entrusted to you. The decisions you make will affect how your mission ends.

Forewarned is forearmed. This is far from the first attempt by humans to colonize the red planet. Find forgotten remains of failed Martian expeditions, learn from their mistakes and find out who is putting a spoke in the wheels of your mission.

At Per Aspera very positive feedback on Steam. The game is available on PC.

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