Phoenix Point Tactics Complete Edition Released On Steam

Phoenix Point Tactics Complete Edition Released On Steam

Phoenix Point came out on Steam after a year of EGS exclusivity. The strategy received a full edition with all the additions released in the first year of the title’s development. It includes all the fixes, plus the three expansions Blood and Titan, Legacy of the Ancients, and the Living Weapon Pack.

The new trailer presents the gameplay of the game: battles with mutant aliens, building a base, customizing operators, and more.

Phoenix Point  is a tactic from X-Com series creator Julian Gollop. The game resembles new iterations of the famous series about fighting aliens, but with its own nuances. For example, it is darker and you can target aliens directly.


The land was taken over. A mutating alien threat threatens the last remnants of humanity. Only “Project Phoenix” – a secret organization consisting of the best minds and the bravest soldiers left on Earth, can fight back the aliens and stop the inevitable. Lead Project Phoenix to research and develop new technologies and techniques, explore a devastated globe, manage resources and fight tough battles.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Factions, including New Jericho, Sanhedrin, and Followers of Anu, and their offshoots, have their own values ​​and views on the Pandorans. You can cooperate with factions thanks to the diplomacy system at Phoenix Point, or simply crush everyone around with your military power. Whatever you choose, victory won’t come easily.

Phoenix Point is available on Steam with a 50% discount. The game will reach consoles next year.

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