Vikings final episode trailer, first on Amazon Prime

Vikings final episode trailer, first on Amazon Prime

The unusual has happened – the last 10 episodes of Vikings’ final sixth season will air first on Amazon Prime. And all at once on December 30. On this occasion, a spectacular trailer has been published, which contains many spoilers.

Our monumental saga is coming to an end, but first you have to watch 10 of my favorite episodes. Prime Video will be the first to show the finale to the streaming audience. Prepare to be surprised and cry as there will be many surprises.

Showrunner Michael Hirst

The season kicked off on History TV, but Amazon Prime now has exclusive first airing rights. Only after that will the latest episodes be shown on the channel itself.

The Vikings: Valhalla spin-off for Netflix is ​​also underway, and Hirst is already thinking about future projects.

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