Rubber ducks played a big role in the development of Demon’s Souls

Rubber ducks played a big role in the development of Demon's Souls

In the early days of the development of the Demon’s Souls remake,  little rubber ducks were scattered around the game’s world, with a giant rubber duck looming ominously over the world. The fact is that yellow toys played an important role in the development of systems of destruction and effects.

Colleen Harris, the game’s technical artist, told GamesRadar about this.

His friend Alex did an internship at the studio and made a rubber duck model for the library. She proved to be a very convenient dummy for developing and testing various elements of the game.

It is an ideal model for testing due to its size and shape, but its popularity has grown so much that there are too many of them in the game. At some point, she completely grew into a massive man-eating duck, so they were all removed.

In fact, the studio feared it would hurt their relationship with Sony. The duck became so popular at Bluepoint Games that it could have leaked into the final product, so it had only one destiny – unconditional deletion.

The remake of Demon’s Souls was released on November 12 on PS5.

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