Romero Games will try to fix Empire of Sin

Romero Games essaiera de réparer Empire of Sin

The release of the Empire of Sin crime strategy  turned out to be ambiguous. The game does not have the highest press ratings: 66 on Metacritic and 71 on Opencritic . She is especially criticized for conflicting systems and bugs. However, some of the problems should soon be corrected.

Game director Brenda Romero wrote that there are many patches, updates and additions to the strategy.

We strive to make this game as great as possible, which is why the feedback we receive from you is so important to us. We’ll be working on patches over the coming weeks and months to improve your gaming experience.

In the DLC, players will travel to uncharted locations and meet new characters, but for now, this is all the information about them. More will be told next year.

Empire of Sin was released on December 1 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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