Phoenix Labs has opened two studios for new projects

Phoenix Labs has opened two studios for new projects

Phoenix Labs announced the opening of two new divisions in Los Angeles and Montreal. Both will tackle new titles.

Two other offices in San Mateo and Vancouver, which previously only supported Dauntless, are also partially occupied with new projects. To prevent Dauntless from suffering from this, the staff of the Vancouver division increased by 40%. Phoenix Labs is not unfamiliar as it recently released a major update for Reforged.

Something big and singleplayer from Phoenix Labs is not worth waiting for – all upcoming games will certainly be cooperative.

There are now about 150 people in all offices of the company, and by the end of next year there should be more than 250. The head of Phoenix Labs assures that the majority of the leadership team are women and non-colored (POC), and not experienced white industry veterans.

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