Naughty Dog has released a trailer for The Last of Us Part II dedicated to Abby – six months after the release

Apparently, the developers are no longer afraid of spoilers.

This is one of the first promo videos for the game, completely dedicated to the second of the central heroines. Before that, she was presented only in one trailer, and in an interview with the creators of Part II on the PlayStation YouTube channel, she was not mentioned, hiding that Abby would become a playable character along with Ellie from the first part.

Why the trailer, dedicated to the story of the heroine and the gameplay for her, was decided to be published almost six months after the release of the game, Naughty Dog employees did not specify. Perhaps the studio decided to change its approach to promoting The Last of Us Part II and attract the attention of those who have not yet purchased the game.

The action was released on June 19, but some details about the plot became known even before the release due to a leak. Shortly after the videos were leaked, Sony announced that it had found the culprit, and they were not affiliated with Naughty Dog itself.

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