Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Multiplayer Trailer

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond Multiplayer Trailer

Respawn revealed a trailer for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond multiplayer . There will be five online modes in total.

  • Mad Bomber – planting a bomb. The main feature is that the bomb can be placed even on the ceiling, the main thing is to find it quickly. Have to take a close look
  • Deathmatch – all against all
  • Team Deathmatch – team for team
  • Blast Radius – the last remaining in the zone wins. Lots of explosives and rocket launchers
  • Domination – capture and hold control points

The multiplayer Above and Beyond was promoted by the developers as almost unique entertainment for VR shooters in general. Of course, the game also has a full-fledged single-player storyline campaign.

The release is expected on December 11.

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