Earwig and the Witch 3D Anime First Trailer by Ghibli

Earwig and the Witch 3D Anime First Trailer by Ghibli

Studio Ghibli has unveiled a trailer for its new cartoon, Earwig and the Witch. This is the team’s first 3D project and was directed by Hayao’s son Goro Miyazaki.

The plot is dedicated to a girl named Irvig. She lives in an orphanage, which has become her home, but one day everything changes – the heroine has adoptive parents who took her to their eerie mystical home. Despite the fact that the adoptive mother turns out to be a witch, together with the talking cat, Irvig is determined to become the master of new circumstances.

The story is based on the novel of the same name by the British writer Diana Wynn Jones. This is the second work of the author to be filmed by Ghibli. The first was Howl’s Moving Castle.

Earwig and the Witch is expected to premiere in Japan on December 30th.

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