World’s second largest radio telescope collapsed in Arecibo

World's second largest radio telescope collapsed in Arecibo

The US National Science Foundation reported that the world’s second-largest radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico collapsed into the 1000 (ft) bowl of the observatory from a height of 426 (ft) and punched a huge hole. No harm done.

The instrumental platform of the observatory was fixed on three massive pillars above a huge thicket and looked like a news headline. The complex was built in the 60s of the XX century, made many scientific discoveries and survived tropical weather, storms and other misfortunes. Arecibo is now a sad sight.

World's second largest radio telescope collapsed in Arecibo

Scientific observations from the telescope were stopped last year due to the threat of collapse – then one of the auxiliary cables burst. A month ago, one of the main cables holding the structure burst.

The installation of the new telescope will cost $ 350 million. The National Science Foundation does not have that kind of money, it plans to destroy the complex in a controlled way.

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