Universal is preparing a new film based on “Van Helsing”

Universal is preparing a new film based on Van Helsing

Western media reported that Julius Avery (“Overlord”) has been appointed to the post of director of the new horror thriller in the Van Helsing universe. Events will unfold in the world of the famous monster hunter, apparently, it will be a remake of the classic.

Now under the wing of Universal are also developing “Wolfman” with Ryan Gosling, “Dracula” and “Bride of Frankenstein”. The company is likely looking to revive the Monsterverse after a failed attempt at Mummy with Tom Cruise.

Van Helsing has appeared on a whole list of movies and TV shows. The most famous incarnation of the character was in the 2004 film, when Hugh Jackman played the role of the hunter. The picture received a lot of negative reviews.

The new film will be produced by James Wang (Saw, Astral, Aquaman). The cast and release date have yet to be confirmed.

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