Travis Scott earns over $ 2.2 million for every minute of his Fortnite virtual gig

Travis Scott earns over $ 2.2 million for every minute of his Fortnite virtual gig

Travis Scott has enjoyed great fame for several years, even if many have begun to hear about him relatively recently. This year he has made a particularly frequent appearance in the video game scene, mainly due to his virtual appearance in Fortnite. According to Forbes , in a few minutes his “show” has earned several times more than any other live concert. 

Epic Games and Scott reportedly discussed the event for several months, stopping at a ten-minute, four-song performance. One of them was new. The event took place in April, in the midst of quarantine, and a day later there was a repeat. A total of 12.3 million players connected to watch the concert, and it was later reported that the total number of concurrent players reached 27.7 million.

Travis was not the first star in Fortnite, but his concert earned a fabulous sum. The event reportedly reached $ 20 million in revenue, including the sale of merchandise. And this is much more than any concerts in reality … and it takes much less effort. For comparison, last year he earned about $ 1.7 million in one concert, and the entire tour brought the performer $ 53.5 million.

Thus, for every minute of Scott’s 9-minute Fortnite concert, he earned $ 2.2 million. Or 37 thousand dollars per second.

Given Scott’s popularity among gamers, it’s no surprise that Sony has signed a contract with him to promote the PS5. According to Forbes, he is also involved in the development of the PS5 game .

Why his music is so popular among gamers – we ourselves do not really understand. Maybe, you know?

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