Planet Zoo will receive guides and Aquatic Pack with penguins in December

Planet Zoo will receive guides and Aquatic Pack with penguins in December

Frontier Developments has announced the changes to the Planet Zoo simulator that will go into effect on December 8th with a major update and the Aquatic Park content pack. The latter will add penguins and other aquatic animals to the game.

Planet Zoo brings the king penguin, Brazilian otter, long-snouted seal, smooth-faced caiman, and the turtle to Planet Zoo . Players will be able to place animals in enclosures with over 120 new decorations, including rivers of jungle and frosty bays.

In addition, players will have access to floating platforms, piers and underground observation points. Also new animals can be entertained with rubber ducks. Users will have at their disposal more than 170 decorative items and drawings.

In addition to the Aquatic Pack, Planet Zoo will receive a major patch for version 1.4. It will add the ability to regulate the water temperature, the ability to feed underwater animals, such as crocodiles. In addition, players will be able to assess where visitors go most often, as well as find out the income from specific places. Back in Planet Zoo will be guides who will tell visitors about the animals.

Details of the patch and the Aquatic Pack can be read here and here .

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