Chinese rover successfully landed on the moon to collect soil

Chinese rover successfully landed on the moon to collect soil

The Chinese spacecraft Chang’e-5 has successfully landed on the lunar surface. The launch itself took place on November 24, and already on November 28, the probe entered the orbit of a natural satellite of the Earth and began preparations for landing.

Moon contact occurred on November 30th.

The mission will last 23 days, the task of “Chang’e-5” is to collect and deliver to Earth about 4.40 lb of lunar regolith. For this, the rover is equipped with a drilling rig and a bucket arm. In the past 44 years, this is the first time a probe has been sent to collect lunar soil.

China will become the third country after the USSR and the USA to fulfill such a mission.

The spacecraft will load soil samples inside the take-off module, which will deliver them to the orbital block. Later, the containers will be sent back to Earth. Landing is expected on December 16-17 in the area of ​​Khoshun Sytszywan.

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