British Culture Secretary: Netflix Worth Marking As Fictional Crown

British Culture Secretary Netflix Worth Marking As Fictional Crown

British Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden made a surprise criticism of The Crown, the fourth season of which was released a week and a half ago. He praised the show in terms of direction or drama, but demanded a note of fiction from Netflix.

In his statement, Dowden described the show as a great product, but stressed that he was afraid for viewers who were born later than the events presented on the screen, because they might decide that the show is showing what it really was. In his opinion, Netflix should communicate the fictional fiction of the show from the beginning. Oliver Dowden plans to send a formal request for the online cinema to publish a note before each episode, as is done in the case of unhealthy content.

British Culture Secretary Netflix Worth Marking As Fictional Crown

This announcement is another grudge against Crown showrunner Peter Morgan. The first three seasons were received very positively, but after the premiere of the fourth screenwriter, representatives of the British government began to criticize. According to rumors, even representatives of the royal family expressed discontent. Many people do not like the way Prince Charles is presented on the show, which gives a misconception about the life of the Queen of Britain and her relatives.

One of the main complaints was the interpretation of Prince Charles’s relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, his second and current wife. There were rumors about this for a long time, no one confirmed them, but this time even the brother of the late Princess Diana was outraged.

The premiere of “The Crown” took place in 2016. The show has a fourth season this year, with two more planned.

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