AMD expects price cuts for RX 6000 in 1-2 months

AMD expects price cuts for RX 6000 in 1-2 months

The situation with the prices and availability of AMD RX 6000 is rather strange – there are almost no video cards, and the cost for them is too high. Bloggers from the Hardware Unboxed channel talked with representatives of the company and published a response regarding this situation.

According to AMD, the situation will improve for the better in 1-2 months. At the beginning of next year, RX 6000 video cards will start appearing in warehouses, and their prices will drop to the recommended ones.

We had a personal conversation with AMD. They assured us that in 4-8 weeks, partner cards would be available for purchase at recommended prices. They said they will help partners reach the $ 649 MSRP for the Radeon RX 6800 XT and expect this to happen within the next 8 weeks.

The most likely reason for the discrepancy between the recommended prices and the real ones, most likely, are significant problems with the supply of GPUs to manufacturers. The difference ranges from $ 81 to $ 251.

A DNS spokesman on the store’s website said that it was not worth waiting for the normalization of supplies until the second quarter of next year.

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