Riot Games denies having created Seraphina’s image based on California artist

Riot Games denies having created Seraphina's image based on California artist

Tonight we  posted material based on the blog of California artist Stephanie. In it, she revealed that she believes Riot Games used her image without permission to create Seraphina.

Serfina was created by the independent Riot Games team and is not based on a real person. What’s more, the former employee Stephanie talks about left Riot over a year ago and worked in the department in a role that had no impact on the creative design process. 

Given that Stephanie has no clear evidence that Riot relied on her personality to shape Seraphina, it will be difficult to defend her position, let alone compensation.

While there are indeed cases to protect a name and identity from exploitation, preparing a claim in a specific case can be difficult. The fact is that Stephanie will be required to indicate how Seraphina influenced her reputation, prestige, social or financial situation.

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