Nioh 2 Coming To Steam On February 5th

Nioh 2 Coming To Steam On February 5th

Koei Tecmo announced that the hardcore action RPG Nioh 2 will be released on Steam on February 5 next year. The Complete Edition comes with all the extras.

Learn the martial arts of the samurai in this brutal RPG … otherwise death will take you. In 1555, the once beautiful, peaceful lands of Japan were filled with evil creatures and spirits, and a terrible threat hung over the country. You are a lone mercenary who uses supernatural abilities in battle with enemies. Can you survive the troubled times at the end of the Sengoku period?

Features of the PC version:

  • 4K support
  • Support for ultra-hard screens
  • HDR
  • 144Hz support
  • Fully customizable controls

On the same day, The Nioh Collection will be released on PS5 in two parts with additions – free for owners of the originals on PS4.

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