Media Warner Bros. doesn’t know what to do with the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984

Media Warner Bros. doesn't know what to do with the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984

Several Western media outlets yesterday published their information about the future of the blockbuster “Wonder Woman 1984”. It all started with a Bloomberg report, which was picked up by small media outlets, and then other large publications shared their insights.

Each of them cites its own sources within the Warner Bros. film studio, but the point is simple – the producers have no decision on what to do with the premiere of the big-budget superhero action movie starring Gal Gadot. Now there are two options that look the most attractive:

  1. The premiere is postponed until the summer of 2021, when the coronavirus crisis recedes
  2. December release around Christmas and January premiere on HBO Max

Both options have their pros and cons in the current environment, so the studio faces a tough choice.

The premiere of the film was supposed to take place on June 5, then it was postponed three times: on August 14, October 10 and December 25. Director Patty Jenkins is confident the film will hit the big screens, but the producers may decide otherwise.

An official statement from Warner Bros. did not have.

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