The first gameplay of Crimson Desert will be shown in December

The first gameplay of Crimson Desert will be shown in December

Developers from the Pearl Abyss studio, as part of the financial report for the third quarter of 2020, announced that the first demonstration of the MMORPG Crimson Desert gameplay is scheduled for December. Perhaps at the same time they will talk about the beta test that was planned.

The “next generation” multiplayer title was announced in November last year, and the developers shared only bits of information and screenshots. 

As the developers themselves describe the game:

Crimson Deser t offers an immersive single-player campaign replete with interesting quests based on the exploits of the many mercenaries to hire, as well as a huge amount of content based on the more traditional MMORPG format. We’ve created a world for you to enjoy freely, with the various end-game content expected from a next generation MMORPG.

Players will face many dangers in the world of Crimson Desert . A variety of creatures, both large and small, threaten your survival. It is a world of mythical creatures who are neither friends nor enemies, cruel mercenaries and powerful figures conspiring in the shadow of the royal court.

Crimson Desert will be released on PC and consoles. 

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