Sven Winke 99% of our players are interested in sex in Baldur’s Gate 3

Sven Winke 99% of our players are interested in sex in Baldur's Gate 3

IGN interviewed Sven Winke, founder of Larian Studios, about the data collected by Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access . He reported that most of the players are very lustful and just over 1% of them are not interested in sex in the game.

Also, most of the players do not have a good moral code. This conclusion was made regarding how many users decided to have an affair with Mintara. To do this, you have to be really angry.

I see how many people slept with Mintara. That’s quite a lot, and you have to be angry to do it. Of course, there are people who did not have any moral remorse.

To make Mintara love you, the player must do some not-so-nice things, such as betraying and killing every Tiefling. As with any good RPG adventure, this RPG has a choice, and it’s not always good.

Baldur’s Gate 3  is available in Early Access on PC.

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