It looks like Riot Games used the artist’s name and appearance to create Seraphina without permission.

It looks like Riot Games used the artist's name and appearance to create Seraphina without permission.

An artist named Stephanie from Oakland, California posted a blog and a series of tweets where she noted something odd about the newly added League of Legends champion Seraphina. The girl said that she is aware of the criticism of the new character related to her game characteristics, as well as the hype in October, when the hype surrounding Serafina was unfolded about the methods of promotion on social networks. 

However, for Stephanie, the problem is personal. Namely, the many similarities between the artist and the virtual personality Riot Games dreamed up to promote LoL and K / DA. Stephanie believes that Riot used her form to create Seraphina. Considering she was in a relationship with one of the studio’s employees in 2019, that doesn’t sound like a coincidence.

They talked for about three months, met a couple of times, but the relationship quickly ended. After that, she graduated from college, moved to California and dyed her hair pink. More than a year after the relationship, the pink-haired Serafina, who lives in virtual California and also wears glasses, entered the stage. 

pink-haired Serafina

Stephanie admitted that at first glance, her suspicions may be unfounded, because she is not the only pink-haired girl with glasses from the sunny state. But the more she thought about it, the more she compared, the more similarities she found.

In short, many of the details about Seraphina are very similar to the facts about me: her name, her drawings, her cat, her hair color, her face shape, even where she is from.

Stephanie noted that when she chatted with the guy from Riot, he brought up the topic of skins for Ari, her favorite LoL character. And some of the ideas sounded very similar to the artist. Moreover, the guy said that he was partially associated with the first K / DA skins and he hinted that he has influence within the project, promoting his ideas.

K DA skins

In addition, the guy suggested that Stephanie should fly to the studio and voice something as part of a secret project that he could not reveal, but insisted that the girl was perfect for him. Ultimately, the girl agreed to visit the studio, then it turned out that the guy had printed out her work for college, dedicated to LoL, and posted it in the office. But she does not remember that he asked her permission.

At the same time in the office, he gave her posters and custom art depicting Stephanie as Ari from K / DA. And it was drawn by one of the Riot Games artists. 

the Riot Games artists

After that, more than a year passed, and Stephanie found out about Seraphina’s presentation. When she found out about the character, she went to leaf through Seraphina’s accounts and was shocked. The more the girl read and watched, the more creepy it looked. The Riot guy never said specific things, but he did mention the K / DA surprise in the second half of September.

And a post appeared on Seraphina’s social networks that the first collaboration of the virtual idol with K / DA took place on September 19. On Stephanie’s birthday.

Studying Twitter, the girl began to remember the things that she said or did, after which she realized that Seraphina could really be based on her personality. Serafina also does sketches, she keeps magazines. And some of her art is very similar to Seraphina.

lol pink

Then the girl found out about the origin of Seraphina. She is not from Piltover or Zaun, where the other champions are from one side or the other – she belongs to both territories. And it was precisely on the subject of Piltover and Zaun that Stephanie’s academic work was devoted.

Well, you can’t ignore the photos / art of Serafina / Stephanie with a cat.

Well, you can't ignore the photos art of Serafina Stephanie with a cat

Stephanie writes that since she found out about Seraphina, she cannot launch League of Legends. She is horrified that one of the League champions includes so many of her traits that even the names are similar. And this is against the backdrop of the constant abuse of gamers associated with Seraphina.

The girl believes that if Seraphina’s appearance and other traits are really based on her, then Riot actually makes money from it. But one skin costs $ 25 and the studio literally makes millions of dollars selling them. At the same time, Serafina’s twitter writes about how she needs words of support and she needs to believe in something. A carefully crafted character by a multi-billion dollar company needs words of encouragement.

… the marketing team from the Los Angeles office is trying to market the product by coming up with the closest and most salable things to be posted on the twitter account of a girl who looks like me, writes like me, sounds like me and draws like me.

It makes me sick.

I wonder how Riot will react to this. Will he pay compensation, incite lawyers, or ignore?

I wonder how Riot will react to this. Will he pay compensation, incite lawyers, or ignore

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