Geralt in the series “The Witcher” can become disabled

Geralt in the series The Witcher can become disabled

A disabled girl named Sarah tweeted why Geralt of Rivia is also disabled. Lauren Hissrich, screenwriter of The Witcher series, drew attention to her explanations.

According to Sarah, towards the end of The Hour of Contempt, the White Wolf breaks his elbow and hip. Dryads help him to heal his bones, but after that the witcher’s life changes. He limps, cannot ride the Roach for a long time, and sometimes even drops his sword during a fight. In the book “Baptism by Fire” Regis explains to Geralt that he suffered a nervous shock.

Sarah concluded that this is an accurate depiction of post-traumatic pain as well as nerve damage and osteoarthritis. Thus, Geralt can be considered disabled. According to Sarah, it is important to pay attention to this and show the same in the series, since CD Projekt RED did not do this in their games.

This adds a lot to Geralt as a character and protagonist. When you think of Geralt of Rivia, you think of a strong and skillful (and sometimes lazy) hero. A person with disabilities, including osteoarthritis and nerve damage, is not something you see often in fantasy novels or the genre in general. With such a character, the world understands that someone like me can be a famous and powerful monster hunter.

Hissrich replied to Sarah that she had read the books and these particular passages many times, but had missed an important detail. The screenwriter will be happy to expand on this topic to add depth to Geralt. When this will happen, Hissrich did not elaborate.

I keep pondering on this thread. I’ve read these books dozens of times, these specific passages. But all I thought about it: “Geralt hurts a little, drove.” I was wrong. I would be happy to expand on this topic in more detail to add depth to our hero.

Due to the coronavirus, it is worth waiting for the premiere of the second season no earlier than the fall of 2021, however, despite the difficulties of The Witcher, it has already been extended for the third season and it is in the preproduction stage.

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