Demon’s Souls PS5 Frame Rate Test – Stability Itself

Demon's Souls PS5 Frame Rate Test - Stability Itself

A video with a test of the frame rate of the Demon’s Souls remake has been published on the VG Tech YouTube channel  . In both modes, the set fps value is kept with enviable stability – an excellent result for one of the most technologically advanced games at the start of the PS5.

It looks like the Bluepoint developers know their stuff very well. Another gorgeous build from them.

A remake of the classic Demon’s Souls for PlayStation from PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games. A world of dark fantasy masterfully recreated from scratch awaits you, full of nightmares and shrouded in an eerie fog. For those already familiar with the trials and dangers of Demon’s Souls, a familiar adventure awaits – but this time with stunning updated graphics and high performance.

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