Zach Snyder is making plans for the second “Justice League”

Zach Snyder is making plans for the second Justice League

Zack Snyder recently attended The Nerd Queens stream, during which he casually touched on the topic of a possible Justice League sequel. The director has a vision for the further development of the story, but these are only plans that may remain on paper.

Can I tell people something about what happens after Darkseid arrives on Earth? What then? Do I know the continuation of the story? The truth is, I wrote the sequel, I have the ultimate vision of the story.

I know what happens after Darkseid arrives. It is very interesting to talk and reflect on this topic.

Will the second part of the “Justice League” be launched with Zach Snyder in the director’s chair – only time will tell. While we wait for the director’s cut of the original film in HBO Max. The film will hit streaming service in 2021 in four parts.

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