WHO helped the developers of Plague Inc. create The Cure mode

WHO helped the developers of Plague Inc. create The Cure mode

Ndemic Creations announced the release of a fresh update for the mobile version of Plague Inc. The developers have added The Cure mode to the game, in which you need to find a vaccine and save humanity from an epidemic.

Later the update will be released on PC.

Players will have to control actions to prevent the spread of the disease, including triage, quarantine, social distancing and the closure of government services. Experts from WHO, GOARN and CEPI assisted in the developme

The latter has released a large piece on the development of vaccines in the real world. According to CEPI, this is such a complex process that it takes 10-15 years to create a drug. However, to combat COVID-19, experts have set an ambitious goal – to develop a vaccine in 12-18 months.

There are now more than 320 varieties of drugs for the pandemic, and each of them is at some stage in testing. Of all the samples, only one will reach the final stage.

CEPI demonstrated the selection process at a glance.

WHO helped the developers of Plague Inc

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