Sony will release crossgen games for three years

Sony will release crossgen games for three years

Despite the fact that Sony is confident in the success of the PS5, many of the company’s games will be released both on nestgen and on the past generation of consoles. Hideaki Nishino, vice president of platform planning and management at Sony, spoke about this.

The corporation’s crossgen titles will continue to be released for about three years. More PS5 exclusives will begin rolling out as the player base for next-gen consoles hits a certain milestone so that sales don’t suffer.

Nishino also noted that it will take time for the developers to adapt to the features of the PS5. He did not give details, but it is probably about SSD and DualSense.

In fact, it may not be easy to immediately adjust to making PS5 games that support its features. At the moment, PS4 games are also required. The PlayStation wouldn’t be itself if we hadn’t prepared a system that developers could use for several years. Therefore, I think the PS5 has a lot of potential in the future.

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