Some PS5 buyers complain that their console won’t launch anymore

Some PS5 buyers complain that their console won't launch anymore

Similar to the news in the past that some Xbox Series X buyers are facing issues like dead consoles, strange sounds and defective drives, now it’s PlayStation 5’s turn.

PS5 sales have just started in a number of select countries, but, as is usually the case with the launch of the first revisions, not all delivered consoles work as expected. The percentage of defects at the start is scanty, but it is higher than in the case of later deliveries. In particular, several PS5 buyers have complained that their PS5 stopped working shortly after launch.

Jeremy Corkin showed an example of such a case:

As you can see, the backlight of the console lights up, but it doesn’t get beyond that.

The Australian redditor Vantana faced a similar situation  . According to his words , he played in the Astro for about an hour, after which the controller has lost the connection and no longer synchronized with the console. Trying to fix the problem, he turned off the console and turned it back on. Pressing the power button started the startup screen, but after that the console stopped working again. Repeated attempts gave no positive results – only a beep. After that, he turned off the device for 30 minutes and turned it on again, but the PS5 completely stopped showing signs of life.

The gamer noted that before the death of the console, a screen with the inscription “rebuilding database” appeared for a short time – a similar one appeared in a YouTuber. In both cases, users copied games from PS4 to PS5. 

Other issues include rare cases where some games won’t launch or crash. But this may be software related and resolved remotely.

We wish everyone who ran into trouble a quick resolution of their problems so that they can play the release games as soon as possible. Fortunately, the nuisance doesn’t seem to be widespread.

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