Phil Spencer denies Japanese studio purchase rumors

Phil Spencer denies Japanese studio purchase rumors

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is known for his openness about Microsoft’s plans for the gaming market, including repeatedly expressing interest in the Japanese market, where the Xbox One was received extremely coldly. In light of regular releases of Japanese titles on the Xbox, rumors have surfaced recently that Microsoft is in talks with several Japanese studios for a possible purchase. However, the Xbox executive has now denied this information.

In a conversation with  GameSpot,  Spencer mentioned that as far as he knows, there are no negotiations with Japanese studios. 

I do not think. Naturally, I do not take part in every meeting, but I have no data on this topic.

Given that Microsoft has already agreed to buy ZeniMax, which includes Bethesda and a number of studios, for $ 7.5 billion, the company is likely to refrain from major acquisitions any time soon. Additionally, Bethesda now includes Japan’s Tango Gameworks, so we can say that Xbox has already bought the studio in the land of the rising sun.

I wonder how Microsoft’s and Sony’s approaches differ on the next generation. Xbox is actively expanding, popularizing Game Pass, while PlayStation is following a familiar course, relying on exclusives.

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