Insomniac on PS5 Features We’re just at the beginning of the journey

Insomniac on PS5 Features We're just at the beginning of the journey

Mike Fitzgerald, CTO of Insomniac studio, which completed work on Spider-Man: Miles Morales, spoke to IGN journalists about the power of the PlayStation 5. In the conversation, he noted that now the developers are just looking at the hardware.

Further games will only get bigger and cooler.

What we are seeing now on the PS5 is just a drop in the ocean regarding what the console’s hardware is capable of. For now, we’re taking a Spider-Man game that is very fast. Even Ratchet & Clank, which we are working on now, is moving in this direction.

Fitzgerald added that every year the developers will squeeze more and more performance out of the PS5, doing completely crazy things.

Fitzgerald’s words are not the first time confirmed in practice – for example, the last generation of consoles, when by its decline we had games like The Last of Us. 

The PS5 will be available in the US and several countries today. On November 19, the console will go on sale in Europe.

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