Ghost of Tsushima sells over 5 million copies

Ghost of Tsushima sells over 5 million copies

The NY Times has published material on the PS5, from which it became known about the success of Ghost of Tsushima . Sucker Punch’s action game has surpassed five million copies sold, according to media reports.

The journalists did not specify how long it took the game to achieve this goal. According to SuperData, it sold about 1.9 million copies in July. According to Sony itself,  Ghost of Tsushima is the company’s fastest selling new IP on the PS4.

The Legends co-op mode was recently released for the game, and in just 10 days from the date of release, players have completed over 11 million missions and killed over a billion opponents. In addition, the game has a raid for the most hardcore players.

Ghost of Tsushima  is available on PS4 and PS5 through backward compatibility.

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