Dwayne Johnson will restart “The Scorpion King”

Dwayne Johnson will restart The Scorpion King

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to develop as a producer and one of his next projects will be a remake of the fantasy film Scorpion King. In the original, the actor played the main role, and the film itself expanded the lore of the Mummy universe with Brandon Fraser.

Dwayne Johnson will restart The Scorpion King

Universal Pictures has already given the go-ahead and the script will be written by Jonathan Herman (Voice of the Streets). The details of the plot are unknown, but the events will take place in the modern world, and not in Ancient Egypt, as it was in the original.

Johnson himself will not return to the role of his character, but one should not rule out his appearance in a small cameo. For Dwayne, this film will be of great importance, because “The Scorpion King” helped the actor to break into a big movie after his wrestling career.

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