Youtuber says his PlayStation 5 has already died

Youtuber says his PlayStation 5 has already died

As soon as we published a selection of troubles that some Xbox Series X buyers faced, the sequel to the “banquet” arrived. The PlayStation 5 will start selling tomorrow in select countries, and for one YouTuber, the console has already finished. Glued the flippers. She threw back her tail. Hooves bent … Well, you get the idea. The console is dead.

We are talking about the gamer  JeremyPenter , who is better known on the ACG YouTube channel  . He reported that the PS5 provided to him no longer starts.

The console had regular database problems, he said, as he used an external drive to store and run some games during testing. Later, startup errors and network problems began to creep out, which ended in a complete failure of the console to activate.

Jeremy noted that he was in contact with Sony support to try to fix the problem, but now it is too late to do anything. What is the cause of death of the PS5 is not clear, however, given that this is a console from the first batch, in rare cases, problems are inevitable.

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