Xbox Series S architect spoke about the reasons for the appearance of the younger console

Xbox Series S architect spoke about the reasons for the appearance of the younger console

Digital Foundry journalist Richard Leadbetter interviewed Xbox architect Andrew Goossen. A Microsoft engineer spoke in more detail about the Xbox Series S – the reasons for the appearance and differences from the older version.

  • The production of one Xbox 360 console at the beginning cost Microsoft $ 460, and at the end of the generation – $ 120. This is due to the reduction in the cost of components and the merger of two 90-nm CPU and GPU chips into one 32-nm chip
  • This time, Microsoft wanted to release an entry-level device right away. If earlier you had to do something expensive and watch the fall in value, now this does not happen
  • Another reason for the Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s desire to create a unified next-generation ecosystem

I’ve heard the opinion that Series S is slowing down a generation, but in my opinion, it moves it forward, because with Series S more games will be truly nextgen.

  • The Series S is cheaper than the One X, but it still has most of the Series X features like Quick Resume and faster load times.
  • Also, Microsoft has tried to double the frame and lay down more efficient work of the CPU and GPU. At the same time, with a large supply of power, games do not even need special optimization.

Often it is enough to change three lines of code to make the game work. And even if it’s not so simple, the problems are still minor – for example, in one AAA game, the double frame rate worked perfectly, but the crowd animation was twice as fast as normal. These are things that developers can fix very, very easily.

  • Goossen dispelled the stumbling block myth that users came up with. We are talking about bandwidth – the network wrote that 8 GB will not be enough for next generation games, but the engineer thinks differently:

Render target and texture budget are the main consumers of memory. And they both cost a lot less when we lower the resolution to 1440p. That’s 44% less than the 2160p. With the g buffers and everything in mind, this is a lot in terms of memory consumption. Texture budgets are also significant, so we’re happy with that 8GB.

  • In the eighth generation, and even more so in the subsequent ones, it is more and more difficult to lower the technical process
  • Series S and Series X GPUs support Int-4 and Int-8, opening the door to machine learning. Goossen noted that Microsoft is actively investigating this possibility, but so far no details.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles launched globally yesterday.

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