The Last of Us 2 and God of War on PS5 support Dualsense tactile feedback

The Last of Us 2 and God of War on PS5 support Dualsense tactile feedback

GamesRadar + has already received its PS5 and has decided to test the games through backward compatibility. The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War were chosen for the test. It turned out that both games support Dualsense tactile feedback.

Reporters noted that the difference between the versions becomes apparent almost immediately after the launch. Thanks to the features of Dualsense, The Last of Us Part 2 can now feel the resistance of the adaptive triggers while pulling the bowstring, and vibrate with each shot.

The gamepad will also make sounds to the beat of the motor boat engine, and collisions with obstacles are accompanied by vibration. Another nice bonus is the backlight of the gamepad, which glows green during loading – in the color of a moth flying on the screen.

As for God of War, on PS5 players will be able to feel the vibration during the “activation” of the shield and throwing the ax. You can check out the game on the new console in the video above.

Naugthy Dog and Sony Santa Monica never advertised the innovations, which, most likely, were introduced along with some of the latest patches. What other games have received Dualsense support, we will find out over time.

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